Quick fix for your mix

Usually, when it comes to creating a quick cocktail, all one can think of is throwing in some rum, lime and sugar to concoct a daiquiri. But if you want a Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan or Mojito, then Lounge myxes are just the things you might want to keep handy.

These cocktail or mocktail mixers – that are available in the three flavors mentioned above-just need to be added to the required alcohol and served in a fancy glass.

We mixed the aerated mixes with Vodka and white rum and even tried without any alcohol to see what a teetotaler would think of them. In all cases, they all tasted as great as most cocktails would. We squeezed some fresh lime into the Mojito mix to add some authenticity. Our only tip: keep the cans chilled before mixing them and add loads of ice. Otherwise, they may seem fruity and a  bit sweet.

VERDICT – Great when you want to show off your mixology skills at a last-minute party.

This is the media article for Lounge myx in Hindustan Times Cafe and Lounge myx is getting such coverages in publications across India. In today’s times, when social gatherings are becoming common amongst the indian population, Lounge myx – Ready to mix Cocktail/ Mocktail drinks will definitely come handy to impress the guests!


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